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- Movich Las Lomas (Rionegro) ’s Location in Medellin

Movich Las Lomas (Rionegro) ’s Location

Movich Home in Medellin

To locate Movich Las Lomas easily, this map will be of great help to you. It also offers relevant information about the nearby services and the relevant distances to points of interest. We are only 3 minutes from the José Maria Córdova International Airport. An incredible place in a natural environment that stands out thanks to the magnolias and arrayanes
that grow freely around the buildings.

You cannot miss the dinnerware from Carmen de Viboral, the desserts of San Antonio de Pereira, the Rionegro Art Museum and the Casa de la Convención Rionegro. We also recommend visiting Santa Elena (a silleteros workshop), the Guatapé Dam, the Arví Ecotourism Regional Park and the town of San Antonio de Pereira.

Our establishment is located at:
Glorieta Aeropuerto José María Córdova,
Rionegro, Antioquia.
Telephone: +57(601) 521 50 50

Departure Movich Las Lomas (Rionegro)


    Tourist attractions

    • José Maria Córdova Airport
    • Air Force Base
    • Rionegro art museum
    • Arví eco park
    • Dam of Guatapé