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Sustainability Movich Hotels in Colombia


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We are committed to sustainability and, as a result, take steps to minimize impacts and improve our environment. We highlight our country's cultural heritage and its most representative features in a responsible manner. We work tirelessly to improve the products and services that we offer to ensure our customers' utter satisfaction. We respect the rights and responsibilities of our partners, suppliers, customers, and guests and we reject the sexual exploitation of boys, girls, and adolescents and other forms of sexual violence.

Movich informs that in accordance with the provisions of Article 16, Law 679 of 2001, we reject exploitation, pornography, or any kind of sex tourism with minors and pledge to always respect Article 44 of the Constitution of Colombia. We act in accordance with Law 397 of 1997: promotion, prevention, and trafficking offenses that affect cultural heritage; Law 17 of 1981: CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora; Law 2811 of 1974: preservation and care of natural resources; and Decree 622 of 1977 and 1715 of 1978: promotion of natural sites and responsible behavior.