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Intercontinental Medellín
A completely exclusive living space

Intercontinental Medellín is an exclusive, luxury, and emblematic establishment in the city and region of Antioquia. With more than 50 years of experience behind us, we offer you the best accommodation. All of our spaces are perfectly equipped to satisfy the most demanding of customers thanks to world-class, top-quality facilities and services.

Located in a strategic and privileged spot, it is surrounded by countryside and mountains, offering a green landscape as far as the eye can see. Against the quiet backdrop, our co-living has spacious and modern facilities that make it a large-scale residential complex. In this sense, it incorporates everything you need to relax and enjoy yourself like nowhere else: wet areas, semi-Olympic swimming pool, sports courts, trails and everything you need to live here for as long as you’d like.

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Once you are at Intercontinental Medellín, you can choose between 3 types of home, each with the right facilities to make your stay the best experience in the Antioquia region. Some have a King bed and others have two beds, but all of them are full of amenities to make your stay the best experience with the highest quality. When you stay with us, several items on your checklist for the day can be crossed off: breakfast included, room cleaning, room service and the possibility of having visitors with the same standards of personalized service.

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What do we offer our tenants?

High range services

Intercontinental Medellín offers you the best services, guaranteeing you an exclusive experience you won’t have anywhere else. You will be able to carry out all kinds of activities, as well as having access to special facilities, such as the swimming pool, wet areas and lounges.

  • Two fine-dining restaurants Intercontinental Medellín  Medellin

    Two fine-dining restaurants

    Intercontinental Medellín offers you two excellent culinary options. In the Fogón de Piedra restaurant you will be able to taste exquisite stone-baked and wood-roasted dishes. On the other hand, the Pepe & Melanzane restaurant specializes in typical Italian dishes of the highest quality.

  • Barí bar Intercontinental Medellín  Medellin

    Barí Bar

    If you want to hold social gatherings in a unique space with a cosmopolitan atmosphere, Intercontinental Medellín features a very special place. The Barí Bar is the perfect place to get together with friends and family, celebrate events, or carry out business or co-working activities.

  • Gym Intercontinental Medellín  Medellin


    At Intercontinental Medellín we offer you a gym with everything you need to stay in shape. This way, you will be able to continue with your daily routine without interrupting your workout rhythm. Choose the machine you like, the equipment you are interested in and spend the day strengthening your body.

  • Wet areas Intercontinental Medellín  Medellin

    Wet areas

    Intercontinental Medellín has a special area for you to recharge your energy levels. You will have access to a large Turkish bath, a sauna and a Jacuzzi. Relax and enjoy a world-class space.

  • Water, electricity and wi-fi included Intercontinental Medellín  Medellin

    Water, electricity and Wi-Fi included

    At Intercontinental Medellín, to manage your time well, and so you don’t have to worry about anything, we include everything you need: electricity, water and other services. And with our strong>free Wi-Fi, you can enjoy a high-speed connection. We will make your life easier!

  • Event rooms Intercontinental Medellín  Medellin

    Event rooms

    In Intercontinental Medellin's various rooms, you can conduct all kinds of corporate events, social gatherings and whatever you like. Each space is unique and has natural light and all the necessary equipment to make your guests feel comfortable and perfectly taken care of.

  • Spa Intercontinental Medellín  Medellin


    Intercontinental Medellin has an integrated spa area, which is equipped to offer you a unique, relaxing experience provided by expert and perfectly qualified professionals.

  • Swimming pool Intercontinental Medellín  Medellin

    Swimming pool

    You will be able to use our semi-Olympic pool. It is surrounded by gardens and a sunbathing area so you can relax for as long as you want by the pool with your favorite drink.

  • Concierge Intercontinental Medellín  Medellin


    To make sure you don't miss anything the city has to offer, at Intercontinental Medellín we offer a concierge service and a local guide. They will help you with everything you need during your stay in the Antioquia region.

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Where are we?

Our location

Intercontinental Medellín is located in an exclusive area of the city, amidst lush forests that separate it from the commotion of city life. As such, it stands out due to its tranquility and the mountains that rule the landscape and give it a very special atmosphere.

In addition, thanks to its central location in the city, you will have access to shopping centers and urban life within walking distance. And the José María Córdova airport is just 20 minutes away.

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