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Intercontinental Medellín ’s Location

Movich Home in Medellin

In order for you to easily locate Intercontinental Medellín, we have provided a map on our website so that you will have no problem locating our establishment. In addition, you will find relevant data about the surroundings, nearby services and points of interest. Our facilities are located in the city, but away from the noise, in a natural environment that stands out due to its lush forests and landscapes crowned by large mountains that are lost in the distance.

Our location is: Calle 16 # 28 - 51, av. Las Palmas, Medellín, Colombia.
Telephone: +57 (601) 5215050

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    Tourist attractions

    • Lleras Park
    • Medellin Modern Art Museum
    • Paisa Village
    • Antioquia's Museum
    • Cemetery Museum San Pedro